Many in the construction industry have entered in to contracts assuming that logic will prevail only to find themselves unable to claim for seemingly legitimate variations due to onerous contract clauses. What could have prevented this? A review of your draft contract can ensure you secure your future entitlements during completion of the works.

A review of your contract may assist in one of several ways:

  • At tender stage a review of a proposed contract enabling you to price in risk where possible and/or mark clauses you will not accept clearly within your tender clarifications.
  • At award or even post-award, a review of your contract also provides you with awareness of your obligations during execution of the works, assisting with compliance with notice periods, submission of payment claims and awareness of onerous clauses.
  • At award stage a review of the proposed contract equips you to negotiate with the other party on onerous clauses and terms inconsistent with your quotation.
  • A review of your contract combined with project personnel training customised to your newly awarded contract can equip your team with the tools to manage the contract effectively during execution of the works.

We can also assist in negotiations with your client directly or indirectly. Director Michelle Livesey-Giles has extensive experience in face to face negotiations on behalf of her clients with great success.

We provide professional, comprehensive and cost effective solutions for contract review at all stages. We can work to your budget for a review which may save you thousands in the long run through protecting your entitlements.