We are experienced claims consultants experienced in the preparation and successful negotiation of multi-million dollar claims across a variety of industries. We can assist with the review, assessment, compilation and further pursuit of the following claim types under bespoke or Australian Standard contracts:

  • Variation claims;
  • Extension of Time claims;
  • Acceleration claims;
  • Delay and Disruption claims;
  • Liquidated Damages claims; and
  • Latent Condition claims.

We can also assist Main Contractors and Principals with expert review and assessment of claims from their subcontractors to ensure the assessment reflects contractual entitlements.

Our claim services can include:

  • Review of your circumstances to assess your entitlement to claim under your contract;
  • Compiling your claim compliantly with your contract;
  • Reviewing a completed claim and/or rejection of a claim;
  • Assistance with face to face negotiations with the other party;
  • Pursuit of you claim through contractual dispute resolution processes; or
  • Pursuit of your claim through alternate methods, including adjudication, if appropriate.

As with almost all of our work, we can offer fixed prices for many of our claims services.